2017 Best Vehicle Brand Awards

Best Vehicle Brands

The Best Car Brands

When shopping for a car or SUV, most people start by picking the right brand. While there are certainly brand loyalists who wouldn’t consider buying something other than a Toyota or a Chevy, for most people, finding the right vehicle brand can be daunting.

There are over 35 vehicle brands sold in the U.S., and with car brands being introduced or discontinued, re-entering the U.S. market, or shuffling the kind of vehicles they sell (no, Dodge doesn’t sell trucks anymore), it’s no wonder consumers can get confused.

Our Best Vehicle Brand Awards cut through the clutter of new and old brands, plus all the marketing hype, to highlight the brands that excel in the areas that matter to you. The awards honor the best brands for cars, SUVs, luxury vehicles, and trucks. Keep reading to learn which brands you should be shopping for your next car.

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