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2017 Honda Accord REVIEW

Honda Accord

Starting Price: $23,990 (with auto transmission) | Price yours

Above Average: Driving refinement, reliability, resale value

Below Average: Infotainment interface

Consensus: One of the most reputable and recommendable cars in the country

If the country ever has to decide on just one car, we need to take a long look at the Accord.

Just for fun we asked Google how many times the terms “Accord” and “gold standard” have appeared together on over the years, but the results were spotty. The exercise itself, however, conveys the point: The Honda Accord remains a benchmark not just for the midsize sedan category, but for the entire automotive industry. After last year’s updates, with updated styling, a more rigid body and retuned suspension, Honda adds a new Sport Special Edition to the lineup and an all-new hybrid option for 2017.

Backed by a decades-deep reputation for dependability, reliability and value, the Accord is also defined and distinguished by its uniquely nuanced refinement. From the feel of the door handle to the response of the gas pedal, the Accord just feels good. And those subconsciously satisfying details are key reasons the Accord remains a favorite family sedan of the car enthusiast and journalist crowds, and why we named it our Midsize Car Best Buy for 2017.

Driving It

A few driving impressions from our full review: “The bread-and-butter 4-cylinder Accord with an automatic transmission finely balances the comfort/agility equation while offering one of the best continuously variable transmissions (CVT) in the business. V6-powered sedans and coupes are surprisingly quick, and the larger engine boasts deep power reserves.”

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