Maruti S-Cross or Renault Duster

Please suggest the best car for city and highway driving, as well as for long-term use, for around Rs 10 lakh. Also, between the Maruti S-cross and Renault Duster, which is the better car? If it is the former, should I wait for the petrol version of the S-cross?
Kailash, Dehradun

AAA Both cars are very capable, but the Duster has an edge over the S-cross in the city because of a few key factors. Firstly, the higher seating position in the Duster and the low window line gives you fantastic visibility, which is a boon when you have to thread your way through traffic. Secondly, the Duster has lower gearing, which makes it easier to drive with few gear changes. The 1.6-litre S-cross is taller geared and has a fair bit of turbo lag as well. The 1.3 S-cross has better drivability than the 1.6, but is not as responsive as the Duster. Also, the Duster is better suited for the bad roads around Uttarakhand, and given your requirements, is overall a better choice.

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