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Best affordable sports car? 2017 Honda Civic Si

he sign indicated curves ahead. The road was so newly paved it didn’t have a dividing line. The asphalt undulated left and right, with an occasional dip before the far-off turn. There were no houses or driveways, just woods on one side, a meadow on the other. It was the perfect road for the Honda Civic Si. At another time in another place, the vestiges of rain dried on the iconic Wisconsin race course Road America. Six-figure cars topping 500 horsepower rumbled into the queue. The storied Kink was used to interrupt…

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Buyer's Guide 

2017 Honda Civic Buyer’s Guide

For the second year in a row, the redesigned Civic wins our biggest award of the year Just how good is the new Honda Civic? So good that after handily claiming the Kelley Blue BookSmall Car Best Buy Award for 2017, it went on to take the title of Overall Best Buy, topping every other car, truck and SUV on the market — just as it did it for 2016. The new powertrains are smooth, powerful and efficient, the interior offers class-above levels of design, materials and technologies, and the forward-looking exterior styling…

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