Vintage Car 

Mercedes-Benz W124

Replacing the W123 was a case of more of the same for Mercedes-Benz. Although the style was very much rooted in the 1980s, closely mirroring the recently-launched 190E, much of the engine range and running gear were carried over from the older car. Considered by many aficionados as the final ‘hewn-from-granite’ Mercedes-Benzes, the W124 is a satisfying ownership proposition. But there were plenty of advances – the multi-link independent rear suspension, was a significant improvement, while the all round passive and active safety performance was significantly better than before. The…

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Sports Cars 

The Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe Is a Sportscar for the Super-Polite

Subtle, sleek, and hesitant to make bold moves on the road, it’s the perfect car for those who want to turn heads—just a little. By Hannah Elliott 12 September 2017, 20:16 GMT+5:30 The 2018 Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe is a very demure sports car. With a long, fluted body and clean, uninterrupted lines, it doesn’t shred the road like the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, but it will still earn you nods of appreciation from the sidewalk. Its 329-horsepower V6 biturbo engine is docile, though especially good around corners. The nine-speed automatic shifts quickly and…

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Sports Bike 

Mercedes-Benz previews its curvy sports-car and design future

Suggesting creases are passé for automotive design, Mercedes showed off ideas for its future styling directions this week at a forum in Germany, including previews of upcoming sports cars and sedans. We see images of a curvy sports car study (the silver car) with huge wheel arches flared out almost like pontoons. There’s also what appears to be a rear-engine hypercar (white car); we’ve been reading reports about it for months. Additionally, there’s a red sporty saloon, as Mercedes calls it, also among the photos. It features prominent rounded fenders and a bold horizontal grille. Mercedes…

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